Reasons To Buy American Die Casting Parts

Reasons To Buy American Die Casting Parts. American die casting parts are created through the die casting process. Basic die casting consists of injecting molten metal through high pressure under a steel mold called die. Die machines are then used in clamping an aluminum ton which is equal to the amount of allowed pressure needed in exerting the die. The machines used in the die casting process ranges from 400 tons to over 4000 tons. Regardless of size, the fundamental difference between the 2 die casting machines is the process of injecting molten metal to die.

If you based American die parts with parts produced through other processes, you will instantly see the differences. For instance, in American based die casting versus regular plastic molding, the products created in American casting have stronger parts and closer tolerances with greater durability and stability. American based products have stronger resistance and temperature extremes; that is why they are great in electrical projects. If we compare die casting with sand casting, American types produce parts which have thinner walls and closer dimensional areas or limits with smoother surfaces.

Through die casting, production and labor costs are also lowered. Against permanent molding, such a process offers the same advantages with permanent molding. The only difference with permanent molding is again with the costs. If we compare parts made through American based parts with those made through forging and stamping, the parts have more complex shapes, have cast coring holes which are not available through forging or stamping and has reduced assembly time. That is why it is better to acquire American die casting parts based on standard die casting rather than using other methods of production.

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