Pioneer Diecasters Error

Yesterday, I reported that the business closure of Pioneer Diecasters, and that information about them closing is true. Article: https://www.kineticdiecasting.com/kdc/pioneer-diecasters-inc-closing/

Pioneer Die Casting Company
4209 Chevy Chase Drive,
L.A., CA 90039

Unfortunately, I also reported yesterday that the owner Carl H. Spahr had recently passed away. That information about Mr. Spahr’s passing is thankfully incorrect and I apologize. I received false information from someone associated with Pioneer Diecasters that Carl passed away a few weeks ago. I am deeply saddened by my error and I apologize for any inconvenience of my error to the associates, friends and family of Carl Spahr and to Pioneer Diecasters, Inc. I am still sad that the company closed.

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