Examples of Die Casting

Examples of Die Casting. Dies casting is the meticulous process of forcing molten metal into a mold. It is usually done by employing high temperatures and pressures. Majority of die casters in the metalwork industry employ different kinds of die casting techniques in order to achieve a certain feature that is not readily cast-able with the mold being used and the casting being made. Other secondary operations like these include polishing, plating, buffing, tapping a hole and painting.

Other methods include the pore-free casting process which is used when the casting required no porosity. It more or less employs the process of conventional die casting except that oxygen IS utilized before each shot and injected into the die. This results in the formation of tiny dispersed oxides during filling, eventually minimizing the formation of gas bubbles and ultimately eliminating porosity. Besides the greater strength of the die produced, the product can still be heat treated and welded. The process can be used with zinc, lead and aluminum alloys.

Another method is the Heated-manifold direct-injection die casting. In this process, molten zinc is used and forced through a heated manifold. The manifold leads into a number of heated mini-nozzles which all end into a molding cavity. This process is employed because of its lower cost per part, by virtue of scrap-reduction, energy conservation, and improved surface quality that is made possible by slower cooling cycles.

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