Die casting parts: Using Hot-chamber machines in die casting

Die casting parts: Using Hot-chamber machines in die casting. In order to successfully produce great quality die casting parts, two-types of die casting machines are used, the hot chamber machines, also known as gooseneck machines, and the cold chamber machines. The efficiency of each machine is measured by their ability to apply the needed clamping force for casting. Standard ratings may range from 400 to 4,000 short tons. This article is going to outline the process involved in using a hot-chamber machine for die casting.

Hot-chamber machines works to feed the die by relying on a pool of molten metal. With the start of each cycle, the machine piston is withdrawn and allows the molten metal to rapidly fill the gooseneck. This is also the reason why this is also called a gooseneck machine. The piston, either powered by oil or gas, then pushes the molten metal out of the gooseneck and directly into the die. This system is preferred because of the relatively fast and rapid cycle times it is able to accomplish and the ease by which the metal is conveniently melted within the casting machine. Because the system cannot employ metals with high melting points, and since it cannot also employ aluminum because of its ability to absorb some of the iron in the cast, the hot-chamber machines usually uses tin, zinc and lead based alloys.

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