Concrete Roof Tiles: Style Them Up

Concrete Roof Tiles: Style Them Up. In the market there are several different types of concrete roofing tile styles available. Different roofing tiles are made to give consumers more artistic options. Many of the styles copy clay, slate and even wood in its designs. You can even get custom designed roofing tiles to meet your needs.

There are four different types of concrete roofing tile styles:

  • Spanish style roof tiles
  • Curved roof tiles
  • Flat inter-locking roof tiles
  • Flat-shingle style roof tiles
  • The least complex of the four designs is the curved roof tiles. The design is composed of concave and convex columns. The most traditional of the designs is the Spanish-style roof tiles. This style looks like a ā€œSā€ profile. The flat roof tiles are in a broken bond pattern. This particular design is good for extreme weather conditions such as snow storms. The last design is flat shingle style. This design is distinguished by the overlapping tiles and is laid from the bottom to the top.

    Every roofing tile style is unique. Every style is unique to a certain area of the world. The weather is a huge factor when deciding what style to use on your roof.

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