Differences Between Aluminum Die Casting and Zinc Die Casting

Differences Between Aluminum Die Casting and Zinc Die Casting. Aluminum and Zinc are two of the most commonly used alloys for die casting. Which is a better material between the two? There are different perspectives on which this question may be looked upon.

Zinc is the easiest metal to cast. Of all the most commonly used alloys for die casting, it has the lowest minimum section thickness at 0.63 mm. Aluminum, on the other hand, has a minimum section thickness of 0.89 mm.
Zinc die casting is therefore the more production friendly material.

Aluminum is lighter than zinc. The minimum draft of aluminum required for die casting is 1:100 while zinc has it at 1:200. Zinc’s density is at 6.6 gms/cubic cm while aluminum’s is 2.74 gms/cubic cm. Because of it, aluminum die casting can produce more castings per ton of metal than zinc die casting, in spite of the latter being the easier to cast.

Zinc alloy is tougher than aluminum and any other types, especially in terms of impact strength. Due to zinc die casting being more pressure tight than aluminum die casting, zinc is better in terms of waterproofing capability. Products made from aluminum-based alloys are most likely to leak when subjected to waterproofing tests and actual conditions.

Zinc melts easier than aluminum. Aluminum melts at 1,221 degrees Fahrenheit while zinc melts at 787.2 degrees Fahrenheit. In terms of heat resistance, aluminum will appear to be better than zinc. However, in terms of cost-effectiveness, this data only means that because zinc melts easily than aluminum, it can be cast easier using a less costly method called “Hot Chamber”. Aluminum die casting, on the other hand, uses a more costly and slower method of casting called “Cold Chamber”.

Overall, both materials have their respective advantages and disadvantages. This is the beauty of having more than one option for die casting. The ultimate beneficiary of this diversity is not necessarily the industries involved in this process, but the consumers.

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