Commercial Die Casting 101: Tooling Made for Die Casting

Commercial Die Casting 101: Tooling Made for Die Casting. Nowadays, die casting is popular choice for metal-working in large scale productions. Modern automotive, aircraft and related industries require metal parts that are tough and durable. Die casting, other than being a shaping process, is inherently a metal treatment. The final product exhibits high yield and resistance to multi-directional loading. Here is a set of components and tooling made for die casting:

The most important elements in the method are the dies. A pair of cover and ejector halves is required to start the process. They contain the shape that the molten metal will follow. Unlike other types of casting, dies can produce very detailed pieces in just one processing. However, these parts must be kept clean and lubricated on every operation.

The cover die has an opening that receives the molten metal. It must be carefully lubricated so that the final product will be smooth. Another tooling made for die casting is the set of ejector pins, which are connected to the ejector die. They facilitate quick dropping of the solidified metal. In traditional methods like sand casting, you have to remove the final products from the mold manually.

Another important tooling made for die casting is the fluid line system. Water lines are used to feed water into the machine during compression. Water serves as lubricant and coolant to the contacting parts. Gas escape lines, on the other hand, allow gas to escape from the metal during shaping. If gasses are not allowed to escape, gas bubbles may be trapped in the finished product. Gas bubbles are indicators of high porosity, making the piece weaker to tensional stresses.

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