Aluminum Parts in Welding

Aluminum Parts Types – Their Roles in Welding. Have you ever heard of welding? The welding industry is growing fast and the requirements for the materials are also getting tough. It is in this sense that the welding companies see the usefulness of aluminum and its alloys. Basically, the aluminum parts types are fairly amenable when it comes to welding metalwork pieces. Aluminum is after all considered to be one of the best metals to use because of its fluidity during the heating process. Even when a much lower or a relatively higher temperature is used, there is really no problem in handling the aluminum and its alloys.

Aluminum bears properties that react effectively in the welding process. It easily melts and then never cracks even after solidifying. The procedure of aluminum welding is performed depending on the aluminum parts types. Many of these parts are those that contain the so called commercial grade aluminum which are compacted with about 99% of purity. Therefore, the effects of the heat treatment vary as well. Those that have lead or copper in them are too hard to weld and usually end up cracking during the process of welding.

The welding procedure of the aluminum parts types include the TIG and MIG along with the other traditional techniques of resistance welding, plasma, gas, and use of covered electrodes. TIG is the approach used in generating the fine surface finishes and in the welding of pipes and repairing the castings. Meanwhile, the MIG technique suits the welding of thicker aluminum metal pieces that require a longer welding cycle.

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