Midwest city embracing non-automotive tooling

Midwest city embracing non-automotive tooling
Sunday, August 30, 2009
By Joe Brown

Windle Mechanical Solutions has taken on niche, low-volume and high-profit manufacturing jobs. Reporter Diane Mastrull of The Philadelphia Enquirer wrote an excellent article giving a glimpse into the transformation of small manufacturers in Pennsylvania.

There are no snaking assembly lines, no massive stockpiles of steel, aluminum, and bronze. But then, there are no big orders.

On last week’s jobs list:

* Six positioning devices for probes on an automatic welding machine;
* Four wheels for a military carrier launch and retrieval system;
* Four couplings for a nuclear pump application;
* Two helicopter-frame fittings;
* Two airplane landing-gear parts, and
* Two parts for biopharmaceutical freeze-driers

Source: http://blog.toolanddieing.com

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