Aluminum Lighting Fixtures to Lighten up Your Home

Aluminum Lighting Fixtures to Lighten up Your Home. Lighting fixtures are primarily for creating artificial illumination. A lighting fixture consists of the light source, an opening that could either have lenses or none, a light reflector that controls the light and directs it towards a certain point, an electrical counterweight, a light housing for protective purposes, and a cable connecting to the power source. Lighting fixtures can be classified as either outdoor or indoor lighting fixtures.

Prior to the introduction of die casting, parts used in lighting purposes were made by welding parts together. This process was impractical; it was slow, expensive, and labor extensive. Today however, lighting fixtures are produced through die casting, a process which involves the pressurizing of molten metals into mold cavities, which is followed by a cooling process. Die casting is extremely advantageous if your objective is to manufacture substantial amounts of small to medium-sized lighting parts with excellent details and features.

Aluminum, a strong, lightweight metal, is the widely-used metal for die cast lighting parts because of its sturdiness, electrical conductivity and good thermal properties. The production of aluminum die castings is also better than with other metals because the former could be produced in net shape, doing away with welding.

Die cast aluminum lighting fixtures are used extensively in the lighting components found in parking garages and medical offices. These are also incorporated in street traffic lights, outdoor lights, wall lighting fixtures and bullet lighting fixtures. Aluminum lighting fixtures are also used for aerospace lighting, medical lighting, automobile lighting and marine lighting.

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