Aluminum Heat Sink Manufacturing

Aluminum (or aluminium) is the preferred metal used to produce heat sinks because of aluminum’s thermal conductive properties, the weight of the many aluminum alloys and, the natural electrical conductivity of aluminum.

Initially, heat sinks were produced as extrusions. The extrusion process is to heat aluminum to a point just before melting temperature and then “squeeze” or extrude the aluminum through a form creating long aluminum sections that will need to be cut into the proper part lengths. Then the part is machined for mounting holes and other features. There is wasted aluminum because the material cut away cannot be used in the extrusion process again. Also, many times the lengths have left over amounts that are too short to be used to make parts.
aluminum die casting heatsink
In the die casting process, we inject aluminum into a die forming the heat sink. As a die casting part, the mounting holes and special features can be die cast into a “net shape” part. There is not wasted aluminum in the die casting process because the excess aluminum is remelted and used to form additional parts. Also in the die casting process, there are no “left over” sections.

1. Machining holes and features is not necessary saving money in the production process.
2. Time is saved in manufacturing because machining is not necessary.
3. No wasted aluminum.

Kinetic Die Casting Company produces many types of aluminum heat sink parts. Contact Kinetic Die Casting Company to purchase your die casting parts or die casting tooling.

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