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Photos of Military Parts Die Castings

This video shows examples of the military die casting parts produced by
Kinetic Die Casting Company

This video will show some of the die casting parts we produce for our military parts manuufacturing customers.

Kinetic Die Casting produces these Military die casting parts at rates of a few parts a day to several thousand parts each day to satisfy our customers' production and manufacturing needs. Die casting is a process where we melt metal and inject it into a die casting mold or a die casting die to make the parts. Our process is faster and more reliable than most metal manufacturing processes. The metals we use are aluminum and zinc. A380 aluminum is used for many products but we also use A360, A413 and A383 aluminum alloys.

Shown are: Photos of aluminum diecasting parts and zinc diecasting parts produced in North Hollywood, California for several different industries and shipped all over the United States of America.

These parts are used for military planes, fuel system parts, B1 plane parts, military tanks and night vision googles for our soldiers, as well as other military products. We produce these military parts for some of the most well known companies in the world.

Die Casting Parts Photos by Industry

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Military Parts Page

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