Roofing Tile Molds as Die Castings

Roofing Tile Molds as Die Castings – One of the many products that Kinetic Die Casting Company has produced over the years is aluminum roof tile molds for companies that manufacture concrete roofing tile. I bring this up to discuss the limitations of Kinetic Die Casting Company’s manufacturing process.

Over a period of ten years, we produced over 100,000 of these aluminum roof tile molds in various styles. These parts ranged in weight of about three pounds to eight pounds and in size from a width of 8″ to 14″ and a length of 14″ to 17″. These are the largest parts our die casting machines will handle. We could produce these molds at a rate of 500 parts a day. We are happy to accept purchase orders of fewer than 200 parts.

We no longer make these roof tile molds. The company we made these parts for was sold and the new owner uses a different manufacturing process.

If you are looking for a part larger than 17″ or heavier than about 10 pounds, we cannot help you.

For parts smaller than these roof tile molds, we are very competitive and we can produce the parts for you rapidly. In most cases, we run production orders of fewer than 500 parts a day. Smaller parts we can produce over 1000 parts a day as our customers need them.

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