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Sadly, Rangers Die Casting Company is closed. Another California die casting parts manufacturing company is closed. Rangers has been around for a long time. I am personally saddened that Rangers is closed. The owners and managers contributed a lot of time and resources to the local die casting community.
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Here is the history I found on their website.
Rangers Die Casting Company 10828 S. Alameda Street Lynwood, CA 90262-0127 was founded in 1946 by three die makers with a passion for quality tooling and that tradition continues today. Rangers Die Casting initially was involved in the production of several different toys. The first was the die for a rubber toy reproduction of the Army Ranger knife, which was the basis for our company name. We also produced cast metal jacks and a replica of the Offenhauser Midget race car that remains today as the Rangers Die Casting logo.

After several years, the toy business began to fade and we repositioned ourselves as a full-service aluminum die caster serving the growing automotive and aerospace markets in Southern California. Over the next six decades, Rangers Die Casting continued to modernize, invest in new equipment and develop services to meet the needs of Original Equipment Manufacturers throughout the West Coast. We provide these companies with a wide range of aluminum die cast parts, aluminum die castings, aluminum alloy castings and metal castings. In addition, Rangers Die Casting offers complete turnkey service including aluminum die cast product design assistance, die cast design, precision aluminum alloy die casting, machining, finishing and assembly of cast aluminum components.


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