Quad City Die Casting Protests Shutdown

Quad City Die Casting Workers Protest In Chicago – Employees of a Quad City company are in Chicago, trying to save their jobs. Eight workers from Quad City Die Casting have joined forces with employees of Republic Windows, who successfully saved their own jobs in a protest last winter.

Together, they protested outside the Wells Fargo Bank office in Chicago Thursday.

Union workers say the bank, which received billions in bailout money, is refusing to extend credit to the Moline company. They want the bank to invest in the family owned business, not shut it down. “You’re not going to stimulate the economy by putting people on the street,” said Frank Kauzlarich local union vice president. “You have to have jobs. There has to be an influx of money. We can’t spend money if we don’t have it and our money is what stimulates the economy.”

Wells Fargo has said it can’t comment on a specific client, but that it “works with our customers who are having financial difficulties as prudently as we can” and has reinvested billions more than what the government gave it.

Quad City Die Casting is scheduled to close, putting 100 people out of work.

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