Optimal Die Casting Production Part Quantity

Optimal Die Casting Production Part Quantity? “I need to buy several thousands of parts to buy die castings”. That is the most common myth or false belief people have regarding the optimal die casting part production quantity. We believe, the optimum production quantity of die casting parts is, the quantity of parts you need to buy.

Unfortunately, many die casting companies also believe the “high quantity only” myth. Some die casting companies perpetuate that myth to force their customers into buying more parts than they need. They refuse smaller quantity purchase orders unless their customers pay a very high “set-up charge”. Sometimes, they will push out delivery of lower part quantities to over 12 weeks, in an effort to dissuade the lower quantity part purchase orders. Then sometimes the part quality is “lacking” but the parts are needed so badly, the sub-quality parts are accepted because we do not have 12 more weeks to wait for replacement parts.

Kinetic Die Casting is thrilled to accept die casting part purchase orders of any quantity. We will accept part purchase orders with deliveries of 10,000 parts or less. Many of our part purchase orders have part deliveries of less than 1,000 parts. In fact, many of our aerospace part purchase orders have deliveries of less than 100 parts and sometimes less than 10 parts.

Our part deliveries range from four to six (4-6) weeks for raw castings. No matter what quantity you want, as long as it is less than 10,000 parts. In most cases we will ship your parts in less than six weeks, if we do not need to wait for outside processes to hold up our part delivery.

In most production part purchase orders, we ship your parts the day we make your parts. We do not have departmental delays that can take several days or weeks to process the parts after the parts are produced.

Our optimal die casting part production quantity, is the quantity you want to buy. Contact us today for a competitive price. Your delivery will be less than six weeks.

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