H13 Die Casting Tool Steel

Kinetic Die Casting Company uses H13 tool steel to make die casting molds. H13 tool steel, if used properly, will make a die casting mold that produces well over 100,000 parts before the die casting cavities fail.

Not all steels are the same. Steels are usually developed for a specific purpose. Different steels are stronger or more brittle than others. Steels have a greater or lesser amount of carbon and other materials. Some steels can be heat treated to a very great hardness. Some steels are pre-heat treated.

The most common steel used of die casting molds is called H13. This steel was developed to withstand the incredible temperature fluctuations required in the die casting process. H13 is usually heat treated to a Rockwell hardness that improves the quality of the cavities. Other types of steel age too rapidly or are too soft to make die casting tooling from them.

Some inexpensive mold makers try to save money on the steel used to make die casting tooling. When that happens, they save only a few hundred dollars but the mold will last only for a few thousand parts before the die begins to fail.

If you are ordering a die casting mold, be sure to specify H13 tool steel for the cavities or you will not get enough life from you die casting tools. Kinetic Die Casting Company only makes tools using H13 tool steel. We have made die casting molds that produced well over 500,000 parts before replacement.

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