Excellent Roof Protection: Concrete Roof Tiles

Excellent Roof Protection: Concrete Roof Tiles. What is one of the first things you notice about a house? The roof takes up about 40% of the house that you see. Tile roof adds to your house. The roof is not just for protection anymore, but for a creative aspect as well. One option of roofing is concrete roof tiles. First off, what is concrete roofing tile?

Concrete roofing tiles are made of sand, cement and water. Cement makes it long-lasting and a popular option. Concrete roofing tiles have been around since after World War II in Europe and it slowly made its way into United States of America. This particular roofing tile has proven its durability and beauty throughout its hundred year history.

Furthermore, concrete roof tiles are resilient and can withstand high temperatures, fire, hail, and strong winds. This allows consumers to save money and still have their roof tiles look like other, less durable, roofing materials like slate, wood, and clay.

Concrete roofing tiles can also last a lifetime. The new technology makes roofing tiles a reflective surface allowing homeowners to have more comfort. It is also very durable and beautiful making it extremely popular. When building your house or replacing your roofing tiles make sure to consider concrete roofing tiles.

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