Custom Metal Prototype Parts

Custom Metal Parts – Prototype Parts Options

Stereo Lithography ( SLA )
SLA is a process that converts a three dimensional (3D) file into a plastic part in a matter of a few hours or days. Kinetic Die Casting has provided many SLA parts to prove a design for our customers. Sometimes a customer needs a sample of what will be produced in the die casting mold to prove “form, fit or function”. Many times a simple SLA in hand answers many questions. SLA parts are fragile and can be broken if dropped.

Prototype Casting
Prototype castings are produced using a special SLA as a template for a form and then a few castings can be produced. The process is very fast and accurate for prototype custom metal parts. Many times parts can be produced in less than a few weeks. These parts are aluminum and are more sturdy than the plastic SLA parts.

CNC Custom Metal Parts
CNC machining of custom metal parts is less expensive when producing more than a few parts for prototype. The 3D model can be translated into a machining program and as many as a few hundred parts can be produced in a week. These parts are machined in metal, usually aluminum but can be steel. Steel is heavier and steel may not be stronger than aluminum.

Custom Metal Prototype Parts

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