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Cast-Parts is an American die casting company located in California, USA. Cast-Parts produces aluminum diecast parts and zinc diecast parts using a process called “High Pressure Die Casting Process”. The high pressure die casting process is where a molten metal alloy is injected using high pressure into a die casting mold or diecasting die to make metal diecast parts.
This die casting process is enabled by the use of high pressure die casting machines. The Die Casting Machines that Cast-Parts uses are computer-aided production controled to produce and ship cast parts to our customers on time. We will usually ship quality products in four weeks from the time the order is placed. We can expedite some cast part shipments in less than two weeks.

Our cast parts die casting machines range up to 650 tons to make parts in aluminum die casting parts from .001 pounds to 5 pounds. Our zinc die casting parts range from less than an ounce to over a few pounds. We make many types of die cast parts from less than an ounce up to a ten pound shot.

To comment please email Cast-Parts sales@Cast-Parts.com.

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