Aluminum shapes

Aluminum shapes. Aluminum is a light metal found naturally in the earth’s crust. It is silvery grey. It is light in weight. It is not a magnetic metal. It does not sparkle but it was once considered more precious than gold. It is abundant but reactive and has to be extracted from ore.

Once extracted, this metal is useful in a wide range of industrial applications. Aluminum die cast parts are found in an unbelievable number of our day-to-day appliances and equipment. It is used in car pistons, aircraft components, marine hardware, machine tool parts, lawnmower gear and housings, streetlamp housings, lighting fixtures, typewriter frames, dental equipment, frying skillets, golfing products, guitar amps, and hardware brackets. This metal has certain properties that make it ideal for use in all kinds of metal die casting processes. The aluminum die casting process include die casting, sand casting, permanent mold casting, composite mold casting, continuous mold casting, investment die casting, centrifugal casting, plaster casting, and hot isostatic pressing.

Die casting is a way of manufacturing that enables mass production in an easy, affordable manner. It involves the use of a mold, a pattern, release agents, sealers, and die castable material. Viscous substances that can be poured into a mold are perfect for this. When the material sets or cures it takes the shape of the mold. This is how aluminum part die castings are processed. Other metals that can be shaped in this way are tin, lead, zinc, copper, and silver. Non-metals used as die castable material are concrete, plastic resins, plaster of paris, and wax.

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