Aircraft Brackets

A bracket is an L-shaped fixed structure used to connect one horizontal surface and one vertical surface. Brackets are used for both household and industrial purposes. Steel brackets are costly and heavy. The introduction of aluminum brackets made it possible to produce brackets that are lighter and less expensive.

Die cast aluminum bracket are made from molten metal forced into mold cavities. The process of die casting is perfect if you are producing large quantities of small to medium sized parts with good details. Aluminum brackets are good conductors of electricity. Aluminum brackets made by die casting are produced in a faster rate with less labor, ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand small parts daily. Aluminum brackets also have holes die cast into the mold so that no drilling is required after, saving time, energy, and money altogether. Kinetic Die Casting Company makes Aluminum Brackets.

There are many kinds of aluminum brackets: An angle bracket, uni-strut universal right angle surface bracket, and a multi-purpose servo bracket. All these are made with quality aluminum and are designed to give absolute support.

The “Seat-Back Tray-Table” of the Boeing 747-700 Airplane is supported with two die cast aluminum brackets, strong enough to hold glasses, plates, a laptop, and even the arms and hands of someone working on the make-shift table.

Aluminum brackets are also designed to be decorative. They are used for lighting fixtures, chocolate fountains, barns, and many more. Die cast aluminum brackets have become the choice of numerous builders because it is cheap, light, and sturdy.

Kinetic Die Casting Company can manufacture aluminum car parts, aluminum hardware, and Aluminum Lighting Partsaluminum lighting parts

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