Apr 032009

Aluminum Brackets Hardware for Your Home Needs. A bracket is basically an L-shaped fixed edifice that is used for connecting a vertical surface to a horizontal surface. Before, most brackets were made of steel. This was however, impractical, because steel is heavy and expensive. The introduction of aluminum brackets hardware paved the way for lighter and cheaper bracket parts.

Aluminum brackets hardware types include uni-strut universal right-angle surface brackets, angle brackets and multipurpose servo brackets. All of these are made with top quality aluminum and are designed to provide maximum support.

Aluminum brackets hardware have a wide variety of industrial, household and decorative purposes. These are used in lighting fixtures, towel racks, toilet paper holders and shelves. Barns and stables employ the use of aluminum brackets for securing items in place and holding items on the stable walls. Wooden furniture need these brackets for holding drawers together, connecting mirrors to dressers, and holding shelves in cupboards.

Old wooden-framed windows need these brackets to maintain the correct angle of the wooden frames. Construction people use aluminum brackets hardware in holding wooden beams at correct angles. Household electrical boxes incorporate these brackets for holding these boxes into place also at the correct angle. Even chocolate fountains need aluminum brackets to hold parts together into a finished product. The chocolate fountain’s heater plate is kept in place by aluminum brackets hardware. Airplanes also use aluminum brackets. One example is the tray table of the Boeing 747-700 Airplane is supported with two die cast aluminum brackets. These are strong enough to hold a laptop, plates, glasses, and even the arms and hands of somebody working on the table.

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