Aluminum Auto Parts Widely Used

Aluminum Auto Parts are Now Widely Used by Many. Before, most of the car parts were made from steel or iron because manufacturers believed that a car must be strong, hence, strong metals must be used in making its parts. However today, majority of cars are built with aluminum auto parts. First, aluminum is lightweight, reducing the total weight of the automobile, allowing it to get better fuel economy. It is also very strong and non-corrosive. The top car manufacturers love die cast aluminum auto parts because thousands of parts can be produced annually at a very low cost. Others even have contracts with aluminum die casting companies to produce aluminum auto parts for them. There are also companies which manufacture auto parts intended to be sold in stores. Manufacturing companies prefer die cast aluminum auto parts than those produced by forging, extrusion, or other manufacturing processes primarily because die cast parts are less expensive and of better quality.

Some aluminum auto parts include aluminum die cast handles, aluminum valve aluminum covers, aluminum brackets, and aluminum wheels. The handles are used for car doors and other aluminum hardware handles used for opening the trunk, console and hood of the car. The valve covers are usually die cast because die cast valve covers already has a chrome look even without chrome plating. Valve covers also need to disperse heat and aluminum is an effective material for thermal transfer. The brackets hold many of the car’s engine components into place. These also hold the air conditioner and alternator in place. The wheels are made from aluminum, not magnesium, which is a common misconception. Aluminum can also be polished to a high sheen, making it ideal for wheels.

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