Door Handles are Hardware Items

Hardware Door Handles are made to be touched, pulled and turned. Handles are a hardware item that is made to manipulate by a human hand (hand-le). Handles are installed on any item that needs manipulation by the human hand. Handles are used on the door of a home to open and close the door. Door handles sometimes are able to lock to prevent the door from opening. Door handles are used on cars to open and close car doors. These handles are pull handles because they are typically pulled to pull open the car door. Doors on cabinets are special types of pull handles. These pull handles are more decorative and pleasing to the eye. These handles are sometimes ornate in design and have an unusual feel to make the cabinet more valuable. Horizontal pull handles are widespread, including drawer pulls, handles on latch less doors and the outside of car doors. The inside controls for opening car doors from inside are usually pull handles, although their function of permitting the door to be pushed open is accomplished by an internal unlatching linkage. Some door handles do not seem like handles at all. A fire door has a push bar that is the door handle. In a sense, the push bar is a door handle. Door Handles are Hardware Items.

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