A380 Aluminum Alloy verses A413 Aluminum Alloy

The two more common types of die casting aluminum used by Kinetic die Casting Company are A380 aluminum and A413 aluminum. There are reasons to use either metal.


So here are a few of the details (http://www.kineticdiecasting.com/casting_aluminum.html):

Availability – More
Material cost – Less
Flexibility – More
Thermal Conductivity – Less
Electrical Conductivity  – More
Pounds/Inch – More
Pressure Tight – Less
Surface Polish – Less


Availability – Less
Material cost – More
Flexibility – Less
Thermal Conductivity – More
Electrical Conductivity – More
Pounds/Inch – Less
Pressure Tight – More
Surface Polish – More

A380 is the most common die casting aluminum used worldwide. Most part blue prints do not call out the aluminum type so the default is A380.

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There is a chart on this web page that give much more details:
Alloys for Aluminum Die Casting

Kinetic Die Casting is a california die casting companycalifornia die casting company that manufactures die cast parts. If you would like more information or request a quote, vist our website:Kinetic Die Casting Company

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