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Kinetic Die Casting Company Advertising Offer
Our blog (www.kineticdiecasting.com/kdc/) is full of general die casting and specific die casting information. We write every week about the die casting process and our ways of dealing with the typical die casting problems.

200 to 500 people visit our blog every day, mostly engineers and die casting part users. There is a StatPress counter in the right side for you to see how many visitors to the blog that day.

My special Internet Advertising offer is this:
Send me an article about your company, product or service and I will post it on my blog.

Here are the conditions:

  1. The article must be an original article, not one used elsewhere.
  2. The article must be more than 100 words and less than 1,000 words in length.
  3. The article should be about your company, product or service.
  4. Do not send an article about anything offensive please.
  5. The article can/may contain pictures.
  6. The article can/may contain two links to your website.
  7. I choose which articles to use or not use on my blog.
  8. I choose when the article posts on my blog
  9. I choose how long it remains on the first page of my blog.
  10. If you are a competitor, I may still consider your article if it is “tasteful” and not negative.

Send your article to sales@kineticdc.com

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Kinetic Die Casting manufactures zinc and aluminium die casting. If you would like a quote, please visit our website:Die Casting quote

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