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Flowing Molten Metal

What is die casting? = Die Casting is a metal parts manufacturing process in which molten metal is forced into a steel die casting mold to produce die casting parts. Look on this web site page for more details:

  • http://www.kineticdiecasting.com/what-is-die-casting.html

    This Kinetic Die Casting Company video, is a simulation of a molten die casting metal alloy (A360 aluminum alloy), flowing into a new four cavity die casting mold.

      There are three video segment molten metal flow representations:

    1. Top View of the molten a360 metal alloy flow checking for die casting part surface defects.
    2. Bottom or side view of the a360 molten metal flow looking for die casting part surface defects.
    3. A molten metal flow simulation of the heat distribution in this four cavity die casting mold.

    As you watch each molten metal flow video representation, you will discover how we can predict a better surface quality on a360 aluminum die casting parts, on the top surface and the bottom surface. You can also see how we predict the fluidity of the a360 molten metal flow. If these videos predicted trapped air causing porosity, we would know how to adjust the die casting mold to reduce the predicted porosity in the die casting parts.

    Kinetic Die Casting Company uses this simulation software on most new tooling we produce for our customers. This video is for a four cavity die casting mold for a well known international manufacturing customer in the transportation industry.

    Contact Kinetic Die Casting Company to purchase new die cast tooling and your aluminum die casting parts and your zinc die casting parts. Call 800-524-8083 or Email sales@kineticdc.com

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