Processes of Aluminum Die Casting

Processes of Aluminum Die Casting. Some machines, equipment, and modern electronic gadgets are manufactured for worldwide distribution. The manufacturing process requires speed and efficiency at no sacrifice to quality and cost. For products that are composed of aluminum parts, die casting is the answer.

The aluminum die casting process provides dimensional accuracy, high strength, a light weight, and a good surface finish. Other benefits of aluminum die cast parts are its resistance to corrosion and its thermal and electrical conductivity. Die casting requires the metal to be molten when it is poured into molds. As the aluminum sets or hardens, it then takes the shape and details of its mold. The properties of this metal that make it ideal for all the ways of metal die casting are its high melting point, its malleability, and its ductility.

Aluminum part die castings are:

  1. diecasting, used for small detailed parts with the same thickness all throughout
  2. investment casting, for thin walled intricate precision small parts
  3. permanent mold casting, for high-volume larger than die casting pieces
  4. sandcasting, for larger pieces with complex shapes and varying wall thickness
  5. shell mold casting, like sandcasting but with better surface finish, more dimensional accuracy, and higher cooling rates
  6. EPC or evaporative pattern casting, for intricate patterns

Other metals that are used for similar processes are the low heat metals that include zinc, tin, lead and the high heat metals such as copper, silver, and copper alloys brass and bronze.

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