Pressure Die Casting Aluminum Speaker Parts vs Gravity Casting

Pressure Die Casting Aluminum Speaker Parts vs Gravity Casting. Pressure die casting is a manufacturing process used to create aluminum brackets, parts, chassis and more. These metal parts can be seen almost anywhere and everywhere, making them integral in our day to day lives. Pressure die casting initially melts the aluminum metal. The molten metal is then injected into a mold under great pressure. Afterwards, it is set aside to cool for a while. When the Mold is opened, it reveals the finished die casting. Because of this fast and easy process, thousands of parts can be made every day.

Gravity casting uses the similar manner as sand casting. It uses the force of gravity rather than high pressure to fill the mold with the molten aluminum metal. Gravity casting is most fitting for mass production and full mechanized casting. One advantage over gravity casting is that they usually give a better surface finish and mechanical properties, due to its slower cooling rates compared to pressure die casting.

Compared to gravity casting, pressure die casting requires less machining. Die castings can cast holes depending on how and where you want it. Die castings give closer and more accurate dimensions, plus it can be produced at a larger scale, with less labor costs per casting.

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