Manufacturers Donations to Haiti

Several manufacturers are providing more than monetary donations to help the Haiti earthquake relief efforts. Health-care products, generators and solar lights are among the many items pouring in from manufacturers to the ravaged nation.

Ecolab Inc. will try to assist with sanitation concerns in Haiti by contributing more than $500,000 in product donations and an employee matching gift program, the company said Jan. 18.

“Ecolab’s cleaning and sanitizing products, including waterless hand sanitizers and surface sanitizers, are critical during disasters such as this,” said Douglas Baker Ecolab’s president and CEO. “The extraordinary impact of the earthquake’s devastation is a reminder of our common humanity. Ecolab, along with our global associates, is pleased to be able to send our products and dollars to provide assistance to the people of Haiti.”

On the same day, pharmaceutical manufacturer Abbott Laboratories said it would provide $2.5 million in grant funding and donations of critical pharmaceutical and nutritional products to humanitarian aid organizations.

Some Abbott pharmaceutical and nutritional products already are in use throughout Haiti because of the company’s prior work with humanitarian organization Direct Relief International to prepare for natural disasters. These items include antibiotics, rehydration solutions and nutritional products that are in critical need following the earthquake in Haiti.

Honda will donate more than $300,000 to the Red Cross, as well as portable generators, water pumps, and other company products for use during humanitarian relief and recovery efforts in Haiti.

Solar lighting manufacturer Sol Inc. is working with government agencies to transport solar lights from Florida to Haiti, the company said Jan. 15. The total donation is expected to reach more than $400,000 with assistance from suppliers.

The company has also dispatched a 44-foot catamaran donated by a Florida entrepreneur Deane Blazie to provide ground support and logistics in Haiti.

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