Grove Die Casting Company Sells to Dunmore

February 19, 2015 11:52 am • Journal Times staff

UNION GROVE — Grove Die Casting’s assets have been acquired by Dumore Corp. of Mauston, Dumore announced Thursday.
Grove Die Casting, 1339 Industrial Park Drive, is now operating as a subsidiary of Dumore.

According to Dumore President and CEO Guillermo Fernandez, “The acquisition will help improve our customer responsiveness by significantly reducing lead time for our lower volume aluminum die cast components.” He said the purchase also moves Dumore toward minimizing or eliminating dependence on an out-of-state or offshore die casting supply chain for custom manufactured direct-current motors and industrial tools.

Grove Die Casting will continue to provide aluminum die casting. Its main customers need low annual volumes and up to about 250,000 parts requiring a 600-ton capacity press or less.
Dumore spokesman Dan Freiburger said Grove has five employees, and Dumore expects that number to grow. Dumore is already adding a general manager, he said.
Grove Die Casting’s previous owner, Dennis Kroes, died last summer.

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