Ecoline – the new die casting machine series

WEBWIRE – Sunday, July 26, 2009

With Ecoline, the Buhler Die Casting business unit has rolled out a third machine type after the Carat and Evolution. Ecoline has been designed with the medium market in mind and is distinguished by its ruggedness and reliability.

Buhler has been manufacturing top-quality die casting systems since 1927. With its Carat and Evolution machine series, Buhler has up to now offered a range of equipment that catered especially to the manufacturers of cast components meeting elevated requirements in terms of quality, complexity, and flexibility.

All the quality features
With Ecoline, Buhler is launching a machine type of straightforward design which boasts all the quality features of a Buhler machine: rugged, reliable, economical, energy-saving, durable, and easy to operate, or – in two words: Swiss quality. “Our new Ecoline machine has been designed with the medium market in mind,” explains Marcello Fabbroni, head of product management at Bühler Druckguss AG. “In this market segment, far more than 1000 new die casting machines go into service every year. Ecoline is therefore addressed in this environment to foundries which manufacture mainly components of small size and relatively low complexity. NonetheFor less, the quality of the cast components must be right. Ecoline satisfies these requirements. The machine is so to speak the starter model for entering the field of high-quality die casting with Buhler.”

Long service life, easy operation
As a “genuine” Buhler machine, Ecoline has all the capabilities expected of a state-of-the-art die casting machine for aluminum or magnesium. Ecoline is distinguished by its rugged and reliable engineering. “When it came to selecting the engineering materials and the manufacturing process, we were uncompromising,” says development project manager Kurt Rüdisühli. Ecoline is characterized by its high casting capacity with optimized energy consumption. The shot unit is matched precisely to the needs of the medium market and blends smoothly with the existing product portfolio of Buhler.
Much attention was also paid to easy operation. A clearly structured and easy-to-understand operating philosophy allows fast production starts with a low training requirement. A high uptime is achieved through the use of proven components. The optimized design of the hydraulic system and the targeted reduction of the number of components minimizes the maintenance and training requirements for maintenance crews.

Short delivery times, competent service
According to Fabbroni, the initial launch in Asia has already been completed, and the first machines are being manufactured. The Ecoline is available as a standard machine, but can be equipped with additional options. The locking forces range from 340, 530, and 660 to 840 tons. The delivery times for the machines are extremely short. Fast start-up by local technicians minimizes costs and ensures rapid commissioning of the casting cells.
Buhler maintains a global customer service network and local spare parts stores. Locally stationed specialist service technicians ensure fast responses whenever the need should arise. Ecoline, just as Evolution and Carat, stands for renowned Buhler quality, but with a more straightforward scope of functions and performance at an attractive price.

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