If we talk of heat sinks, these are basically used to reduce the amount of heat in electrical appliances. Heat sinks have been used to prevent overheating and breakdown of the concerned appliance since long, but aluminum heat sinks are a new advancement. Aluminum is being used to make these sinks because of its high durability and thermal conductivity. Here is a bite on how a heat sink works and how does aluminum enhance the performance of the product.

It is obvious that every electrical appliance has wires for the conduction of the current. But what most people do not know that the flowing of electric current through the wires also produces some amount of heat in the wires. How much of this heat is produced depends on what material is the wire made up of. Every metal or alloy has its characteristic resistance to the electric current flowing through it. More the resistance more will be the number collision of molecules and therefore more heat shall be produced. Heat is bad for the normal functioning of the appliance. So it is ideally required that the material being used low in electrical resistance or high in thermal conductivity.
Production of the heat is inevitable, and that’s why there is need for heat sinks. Now, aluminum is a highly conductive material to heat and electricity both, just what is needed for a perfect heat sink apparatus. As soon as the heat is produced in the appliance machinery, these aluminum heat sinks conduct them out of the whole set up and therefore prevent overheating.

Aluminum is the best material to be used to conduct heat out of the electrical circuit and that too efficiently and without incurring much damage to itself; a valuable investment to say the least.

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