Aluminum Manufacturing in Die Casting

Aluminum is widely used in die casting because of the properties that it possesses. Aluminum is useful even in everyday life because that is why die casting companies produce die cast parts made from this alloy. Aluminum alloy is lightweight and has good corrosion resistance. It can also take high temperatures so the things that need to be heat resistant are usually made of aluminum alloy. The things that also need high corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity are made of aluminum. Due to its high dimensional stability, aluminum alloy is used to make thin walls and complex shapes.

Aluminum part types can depend on the combination of alloying elements such as silicon and copper. Zinc can also be used as alloying element to aluminum. The combination of the properties of the different alloys allows the production of high quality products. Silicon increases melt fluidity that is why complex parts such as connector housings and thin walls are made of aluminum with silicon. When copper is used as the alloying element, the part has increased hardness and decreased ductility.

Aluminum part types can be differentiated on the amount of alloying element present. Aluminum types are Alloy A380, A360, A369, A390, A413, and A518. They are series of aluminum alloys so expect to see alloy types with decimals. The Alloy A380 is the most common aluminum alloy used in die casting. Lawnmower housings and gears are usually made of AA 380. Escalator parts and conveyor parts are usually made of Alloy 518. Parts that need high corrosion resistance are made of Alloy A360.

Parts differ in the content of alloying element that makes the aluminum part types. They also cater to the different needs of the consumers and the producers as well. These are the most common Aluminum Alloy Types.

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