WHAT IS DIE CASTING? The process of die casting provides the backbone to the functioning of the major heavy and even light metal industries and especially in developed economies such as the US. Most of the raw material parts in hardware, auto and locomotive industries are a product of this vital process. Here is simple and short guide get elemental knowledge about this technique.
To define in a simple layman tone, die casting is a process where at high pressure and controlled conditions, molten metal is poured or forced into casts or molds and consequently give them solid definite shapes for desired purposes.


  • The cast is readied for pouring in the molten metal. This is done by lubricating the walls of the mold so that when the metal solidifies it is easier to take it out. The lubricant also helps in maintaining the perfect temperature for the process.
  • Next the liquid metal is forced into the cast; a more technical terminology would be “shooting” the molten metal inside. It is very important that the constant high pressure is maintained at this stage. The pressure is usually ranged from 1500 to 2500 psi.
  • The next step is to open the cast and then the shot/shots are taken out using ejector pins.
  • The last step is to separate all the waste or scrap such as gate, runner, sprues form the pure cast of the metal.
  • The cast which are used are preferably made out of non ferrous metals such as copper, zinc, magnesium, aluminum and the like. In the present day the demand for aluminum products is sky high and so is the supply through aluminum die casting.

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