Methods for Making Aluminum Aircraft Parts

Methods for Making Aluminum Aircraft Parts. Aluminum which are used in the making of aircraft parts are usually alloyed with other kinds of metals to make the material stronger. This material is at times called duralumin. Aircraft engineers favour aluminum for its density which is low and because it is light weight.

  • One of the common methods for making aluminum aircraft parts is die-casting. This method is specifically befitted to the manufacturing of huge amounts of relatively diminutive parts. Metal moulds are injected with molten metal under ample pressure. The combination of brisk injection and quick curing under high pressure produces a fine-grain, opaque surface structure, and this leads to superb fatigue and wear properties. But shrinkage and air entrapment could possibly lead to porosity; therefore, a limit of 1.0 mm in machine cuts should be established to avoid exposing the material.
  • Another method for producing aircraft parts with aluminum is permanent mold or gravity die casting. Similar to die casting, this method is suitable for high-volume production. Typically, die castings are relatively smaller than permanent mold castings. Permanent mold castings could reach up to 10 kg at maximum; but castings far larger are sometimes custom made when the costs of the production equipment are respectively justified by the specific quality requirements the casting asks.
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