Metaldyne Takes Further Restructuring Actions

Plymouth, MI – Metaldyne Corp., took several actions in 2008 to reduce structural costs, balance capacity with declining vehicle production and create a more agile and streamlined organization focused on its core product lines. These actions will help the company deliver its Plan to Win, which is aimed at creating value for Metaldyne stakeholders.

Metaldyne will further rationalize its headquarters operations in Plymouth. Since January 2008, the company has significantly reduced its headquarters staff. In addition, Metaldyne eliminated a separate leased facility, which housed its North American Chassis Products business unit, and consolidated that operation into another Metaldyne building in Plymouth. It will now further consolidate its operations in Plymouth by merging its headquarters facility into that same building. The move is expected to be completed by mid-2009.

“With this move, we will have rationalized from three headquarters facilities in Plymouth to one facility, which not only saves expenses but better streamlines how we will operate as a company,” said, Metaldyne chairman and CEO and co-CEO of Asahi Tec Thomas A. Amato. “This is another step in our plan to focus our resources on our manufacturing operations, processes and product technologies.”

Submitted by Metaldyne Jan. 8

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