How to Remove Diecast Porosity

How to remove diecast porosity – Die casting is a process in which a metal or resin of some sort is forced into a mold to take its shape. The amount of force it takes for the machine to push the molten substance is so great that the material becomes compact until it cools down and solidifies. This is usually used for toys, models, and other purposes such as costumes. However, one of the problems that die cast factory owners have to face is the occurrence of die cast porosity. This is an unwanted incident wherein the material becomes porous and has small pockets of air and space inside the material. This causes the material to become weak and frail. Studies show that porosity in diecasted materials is the leading cause of early deterioration.

Fortunately, there are several ways to reduce the incidence of die cast porosity in your product. If you are interested to know how to remove die cast porosity in your materials, here are a few tips you can follow.

First, you need to regularly check the die cast machine you are using to make sure that there are no crevices and cracks where air might come through during the molding. You can also smoothen out the surfaces of your mold and seal any chinks you can see. It is advised to use only substances of high quality, because substandard resins and metals tend to become bubbly and loose in consistency. Vacuum generating devices will also help to reduce air bubbles because the negative pressure will suck out all the air left inside the machine.

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