Heat Sinks

Heat Sinks in Aluminum draw heat from another source from thermal contact. These are mainly used in electronic parts and automobile parts but there are other uses like:

Airplane parts
• Circuit boards
• Microwaves
• Cell phones
• Satellite components
• Laser components
• Motor housings
• Automotive
• Lighting parts

Aluminum Heat Sinks absorb and dissipate the heat from another object. It is a piece of molded aluminum or copper that usually sits directly on top of a feverish source or processor. In many cases, you won’t be able to see the processor unless you take out the aluminum heat sink first.

Wherever there is a need for efficient dissipation of heat, there will surely be aluminum heat sinks installed. A major industry that uses heat sinks is refrigeration.

The aluminum heat sinks manufactured these days come in different shapes and sizes. The typical heat sink though, has long fins and thin protrusions for conducting the heat from the processor to the cooler environment inside the aluminum heat sink. Die Casting Companies make heat sinks.

Most of the heat sinks in the market these days are equipped with fans that blow the cool air to the fins to dissipate heat more effectively. These fans or blowers are usually placed on top of the fins or in the middle.

Aluminum heat sinks are designed to require less machine processing. The fins can be manufactured simultaneously with the mounting holes. Typically, about 250 to 2500 heat sink parts can be produced per day.

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