Chocolate Fountain Gift

Chocolate Fountains are a great gift for anyone you love. Everyone loves chocolate and everyone loves a chocolate fountain. Chocolate fountains create a fondue of molten chocolate that flows in the form of a fountain. Once the chocolate is flowing, it will flow until the chocolate is completely eaten. Chocolate flowing in the fountain makes a great centerpiece for most occasions. Chocolate fountains are used at wedding receptions, at bridal showers, at baby showers, at school functions and any home party.

As the chocolate flows from the bowl through the tube to the top of the fountain and down back to the bowl, friends will dip many types of edible objects into the flowing chocolate. These items typically are pretzels, bananas, red apples and green apples. Some times people try items such as grapes or oranges and pineapple slices to be different.

There are many types of rich chocolate that can be used in a chocolate fountain. Typically people will use grocery store chocolate chips. But there are many wonderful chocolates that can be used instead. Some people prefer dark chocolates to get a very different flavor and effect on the foods eaten in the flowing chocolate. White chocolate is also very different and very sweet. Some people use their chocolate fountains for other things like barbeque sauce and juices.

Chocolate fountains
are sold in many stores and on-line for very little money. There are many inexpensive chocolate fountains for as little as $40.00 and some that sell for over $1,000.00. At any price the chocolate fountain is a worthwhile investment.

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