Be safe with US aluminum hardware handles

Be safe with US aluminum hardware handles. The most abused part of any closure device is the handle which is why many original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) have turned to using aluminum hardware handles in their products. If strengthening ribs are incorporated to the aluminum handle wares, these type of handles can be stronger than steel. Cost is another consideration favoring aluminum which is cheaper than steel. Aluminum hardware handles are likewise lighter than their costlier steel-fabricated counterparts.

An aluminum die cast company as supplier of handles has also the advantage of faster production as die casting is not as time-consuming and as labor-intensive as welding several handle pieces together. Neither drilling nor welding is required because the die casting process already produces a net shape, enabling production from hundreds to thousands of pieces daily. Decorative designs could easily be added to the mold and the aluminum hardware handles could be either anodized or powder-coated without any complication in the production.

The optimum advantages offered by aluminum handles could be enjoyed particularly if these are the products of a North American aluminum die casting company. The die casters of North America enjoy the reputation of being among the finest in the world. This is the reason why many OEMs have begun to return their die casting orders to these companies after experiencing some serious problems with the quality of materials sourced from overseas. One sad tale comes from a restaurant kitchen equipment manufacturer who sued its Taiwanese supplier of the refrigerators’ door handles which pulled off the units. Solving the problem required replacement of the whole door because the handles were designed to be irreplaceable. Thankfully, such critical components as aluminum hardware handles could be more efficiently sourced from any reputable American die casting company.


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