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Kinetic Die Casting Company Monthly Newsletter Signup, our newsletter has three components:
1. Educational Topics (Money saving ideas)
2. Customer Success Stories / Customer tips
3. Kinetic Die Casting Company Updates (Discount of the Month)

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This monthly email newsletter will give us a chance to send you information that is helpful to you and your company.

Some of the tips will save your company money by informing you of ways to take advantage of the benefits of die castings in our “Technical Education Topics Section”.

How to save money on die cast tooling and how to get the most from Kinetic Die Casting Company with the few manufacturing dollars you have to spend. You will receive some ideas from some of our customers that you may be able to use yourself.

Also there will be stories how inventors brought us their ideas and how we produced their products in our “Customer Success Stories” section.

Some of the Educational Topics will include:
# What is a die cast part?
# Compare Sand Casting to Die Casting
# What is draft angle, why is it needed?
# Why use different aluminum alloys?

Some of the Customer Success Stories / Customer tips will include:
# He wanted to bring melted chocolate to the world.
# He drove into my parking lot in a Pinto and out in a Mercedes Benze.
# They want to bring guitar music to the world.
# He proved aluminum die castings can be stronger than steel.
# He saved $139,000 by using aluminum die castings.

Some of the Kinetic Die Casting Company Updates will include:
# Discounts for purchases this month.
# Kinetic Die Casting Certifications and Approvals.
# What is new at Kinetic Die Casting.

If you have questions or newsletter suggestions, please give us a call 800-524-8083. You can also email us at sales@kineticdc.com.

Kinetic Die Casting can manufacture aluminum automobile parts, heat sinks, aerospace parts and much more. If you are looking for aluminum or zinc parts, visit our website Kinetic Die Casting Company

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