Oct 122010

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Automotive Die Casting.

A few years ago, I was asked to visit “Rodney”, the owner of an aftermarket automotive parts company and a good Kinetic Die Casting Company customer.

Rodney placed three similar auto parts on a table and asked me if I could identify these parts? Were these parts from the same tool or were they from different die casting tools? I told him that one of the three parts was from a different die casting tool than the other two parts. He asked me to indicate which of the three was different, and I pointed it out. He said that was the part I shipped to him and was thankful that I was able to discern the difference between the three parts. He asked how I was sure the other two parts were from the same tool, I showed him the characteristics of the gate marks and ejector pin marks and told him that I was sure these two parts were from the same die casting tool.

He then told me that one of these parts he purchased from my competitor, a foreign die casting company. The other part he purchased at a local auto parts store. He said he is losing thousands of dollars in lost sales due to this foreign die casting company selling his product to an American automotive parts distributer.

Rodney told me he was saving ten thousand dollars a year purchasing die casting parts from this foreign company but now believes it will cost him as much as a million dollars in lost product sales because of the unethical practices of this foreign manufacturer. In a sense, he created his own competitor by purchasing cheap tooling from this offshore supplier.

More information http://www.kineticdiecasting.com/offshore.html

Kinetic Die Casting Company would never produce parts for anyone other than the owner of the die casting tool unless we receive prior written approval. If you want to purchase parts from an inexpensive American Die Casting Company, contact Kinetic Die Casting Company 818-982-9200.

Kinetic Die Casting is a california die casting companycalifornia die casting company that manufactures die cast parts. If you would like more information or request a quote, vist our website:Kinetic Die Casting Company

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