What Is The Quality Of Die Casting Parts?

Die Casting Part Quality, What Is The Quality Of Die Casting Parts?

Die casting parts are formed in a die casting tool to a specific shape and size. The variance of one die casting part to another part from the same tool after the tool is proven is very little.

The typical dimensional tolerance for a die casting part is about +/- .002″ from point to point over a short distance. Once the die casting tool is proven, the dimensions from point to point vary only a little. The blue print tolerance for a two decimal dimension (.xx) is usually +/- .015″ and the typical three decimal dimension (.xxx) tolerance is +/- .010.

The biggest variance on a die casting part are measurements:

1. From one side of the parting line to the other, or
2. Dimensions measured from a slide to another part feature.

The parting line is the area on the part where the two sides of the tool meet and create a seam in the material.

A slide is a solid member in the tool that creates under cuts. An undercut is a feature that can not be created by pulling the tool apart or a feature that is not perpendicular to the parting line.

Other issues such as POROSITY or FLATNESS or WALL THICKNESSES will be discussed in other newsletters.

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