What is an Aluminum Heatsink?

What is an Aluminum Heatsink? A Heat sink is an object that ingests and disperses heat which comes from another object by direct or radiant thermal contact. Heat sinks are often used in various functions wherein effective heat dispersion is needed. Few examples are lasers, cooling electronic apparatus, heat engines and refrigeration. You can often see an Aluminum Heat sink attached to a computer’s circuit board.

A common Heat Sink have a collection of fin-like or comb projections and a single or more than two surfaces. These properties of a heat sink increases its outer face area which touches the air, and as a result, the heat dispersion percentage increases. Since aluminum heat sinks are known to be static objects, a fan is used to help heat sinks by giving better airflow.

Aluminum is usually used in making heat sinks because this is the perfect material that conducts heat, and it is also lighter and cheaper than other materials. The main advantage of Aluminum Heatsinks is that they may be shaped through the process of extrusion effortlessly, which is why they make the difficult cross sections achievable. The base area of the Aluminum Heatsinks should be smooth and even to guarantee the most advantageous thermal connection together with the other object which needs cooling.

If you match up the process used to make the Aluminum Heatsinks to other Die Casting Heat sink processes, you’ll notice that it only involves less machining, and cooling fins may actually be done while setting up the holes. Additionally, the Aluminum Heatsinks possess a great dimensional constancy.

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