Types of aluminum die casting parts

Types of aluminum die casting parts. Companies engaged in aluminum die casting will generally use four major parts in their metalworking process. These parts are the vital components in the process of using very high pressure to force the molten aluminum into a steel mold that is reusable for many times. This multiple usage of the steel mold enables the mass-production of important parts for commercial, industrial and consumer products.

The most basic of all aluminum die casting parts is the single-cavity mold. It is a one-dimensional mold and is utilized to produce just a single component. Frequently, the single-cavity die is employed in products with sophisticated shapes or in medium to large sized products.

Another aluminum die casting part is the multiple-cavity mold used to manufacture several identical parts. Using multi-cavity molds contributes to production efficiency as many parts could be manufactured in one casting.

Aluminum die casting manufacturers likewise use unit dies which works almost similar to the single-cavity mold. Casting with a unit die turns out different parts one at a time and would be ideal for components that require some special attention, such as strength and non-porosity. Finally, a combination die may also be utilized in aluminum die casting, which as its name suggests puts together several die casting parts in one assembly.

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