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Released on July 6, 2009

MetalTek International Inc. announced its Wisconsin Centrifugal Division, Waukesha, Wis., has surpassed one million man hours worked without a lost time incident, and its Wisconsin Investcast Division, Watertown, Wis., has gone more than two years without a lost time injury.

The Waukesha site achieved the record over nearly a year-long period, beginning in June 2008. According to a press release issued by the company, the achievement reflects a safety program at Wisconsin Centrifugal that is supported by a behavior-based safety culture, management commitment to continuous safety training, inspection and monitoring activities, and an enhanced incident review process.

“Safety is a fundamental part of what we do,” said Wisconsin Centrifugal President E.J. Kubick. “Our culture empowers our people to be responsible for the safety of themselves and the group. We are proud of our record in a hazardous environment but will not be satisfied until all incidents are avoided.”

During the latter half of 2006, Wisconsin Investcast began implementing an enhanced safety program as a part of the company’s efforts to improve the safety culture.

“The results we have obtained occurred because of the commitment each employee has for working in a safe environment,” said Wisconsin Investcast’s plant manager Eric Skibo. “We continually need to be aware of our fellow workers and surroundings and ask the simple question: ‘Is that safe?’ I applaud the results so far and look forward to this only being the beginning of our quest for safety.”

MetalTek International is a manufacturer of high alloy components for high temperature, wear and corrosive applications. The company supplies products to customers in over 25 countries worldwide from its five domestic manufacturing plants.


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