Tool and Die Makers Skilled Trades Needed

The excerpt below is from Todd Cuson, M.A. Organizational Behavior, and a qualification officer in Arizona.

Most high school students have no idea what one can earn by learning a trade, “A journeyman generally earns between $28 and $32 an hour (up to $64,000 a year)–a pretty nice wage for a 23-year-old. Most states require a plumber to have 2 to 10 years of experience at the apprentice level to qualify as a journeyman. My neighbor attended a trade school. He is a tool and die maker. He learned the skill in night classes. After spending time as an apprentice, he opened his own shop.It is now a multi-million dollar business”. A competent person learning a skilled trade can easily achieve the American dream. We at 10 best Tucson are on a mission to find the best home service professionals in Tucson and share them with the community. By uniting community officials and business leaders under the common goal of higher quality trades in the labor pool, the ability for honest manufacturing companies to grow without compromising their excellent service records will be achievable. Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao recently announced her “Skills to Build America’s Future” initiative. It “will reach out to a new generation of tradesmen and women and encourage them to use their skills and talents to find careers that will help to pave the way to a fulfilling career and bright financial future” (Doleta).

This message must be made clear to the future of our local labor market and to current workers who are considering changing careers. These skills that are currently cultivated by a unique few are ones to be proud of, and can be quite lucrative as well. Becoming a journeyman and with an entrepreneurial co-education or an enterprising spirit practically ensures an exalted status of financial wealth. These are pragmatic messages that must be presented to our youth. Our businesses can grow while maintaining their integrity and providing the absolute best possible service to home owners and customers. They deserve it. Keep a watchful eye on this topic. 10 best Tucson will be the catalyst for change.

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