The Die Casting Tooling that works

The Die Casting Tooling that works. The cost-efficient and well-timed manufacture of a broad collection of fundamental equipment components owes much to die casting tooling. This is a essential performance area wherein the die casters and the designers have to put their heads together in product development and design. At this early stage, issues revolving around tooling and production have to be determined along with the recognition of the numerous trade-offs that may be taken to successfully control overall project costs.

One fine example of the triumphant cooperation of designers and die casters in die casting tooling is in the automobile industry. Through their combined efforts, aluminum auto parts have been productively calculated and developed so much so that today aluminum now is the No. 2 material utilized in automobiles. The major impetus that inspired the designers–die casters’ mutual efforts is the rising cost of fuel which provoked consumers’ improved interest in lighter, more fuel-efficient and environment-friendly cars.

Among the die casting tooling factors measured in aluminum auto components is the approximation that reducing car weight by 10% could result in expenditure by 6% to 8%. Another deliberation which may be parlayed in prospective die casting tooling is that a car weight decrease of 50% may be realized if the body of an automobile is completed of aluminum. Considerable fuel savings would be attained in such a shift, which was considered at about 3,000 liters saved for the standard lifetime of a car, one die casting tooling endeavour that should be most welcome in these oil-crisis prone times.

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